Better Business Bureau dispute with Asheville Yoga Center

BBB Complaint Case# 577969 (Ref#20-554226-577969-7-1100)

Thank you very much for helping me in this matter. I have tried yet have been unable to reach Asheville Yoga Center.

In additional to running an IT company for 21 years with 10 consecutive years on the Triangle Business Journal’s top companies, I have a pristine lifetime track record, and passed a strict background check to serve as a volunteer yoga leader for the NC Department of Public Safety at Franklin Correctional Institute to help inmates find peace in their environment. I also served in Charlotte North Rotary Club, Raleigh Rotary Club, and Cary McGregor Rotary Club for 20 years with 10 years of perfect attendance and 3 Paul Harris Fellows. I am an ordained minister, and founding member of the Marriage Matters Sunday school class at Edenton Street United Methodist Church. Please consider the source credibility I have for my entire life, and help Asheville Yoga Center amicably settle matters with me since you have been able to get their response.

Michael Johnson said people complained about me plus concocted a story about other complaints in other classes. Melissa Driver, the General Manager at Asheville Yoga Center has failed to date to give me any reason for my termination, has never met me, will not answer my phone calls to Asheville Yoga Center, filed a grievance with Yoga Alliance, and will not reply to emails. My request to speak with Sunny Keach, one of the owners or Asheville Yoga Center, using Facebook Messenger with a response from him that he knows about the case and will let Melissa Driver handle it is my personal business, and my prerogative to block him. Furthermore, I have been advised by counsel not to contact him again. The focus is on Asheville Yoga Center, their failure to answer the phone or respond to emails directly to Stephanie Keach, the other owner, and not personal interaction on Facebook Messenger. As for the YouTube copyright violation, I recorded my conversation with Michael Johnson after the teacher training module was over on my computer with my software, and am not going to argue with YouTube or Asheville Yoga Center about it.

I am open and honest, have publicly placed full documentation with detailed emails and videos, and have nothing to hide.

Asheville Yoga Center – question after class from Jim Ray

Asheville Yoga Center – Chronology After Training

Yoga Alliance – Grievance from Asheville Yoga Center

The fabricated Assault on Female charge and incarceration for a crime I did not commit is the worst thing that has happened to me in life to date, has nothing to do with Asheville Yoga Center, and merely indicates judgment from Michael Johnson plus those that stayed after class that complained according to Michael Johnson. Asheville Yoga Center fabricating a story to you that I communicated a threat as being the reason for my termination occurred after Michael Johnson said people complained about me, and management would be contacting me. The use of their word “threat” is inaccurate, and “promise” would be a better choice. I remain willing to settle amicably for a refund, or seek restitution in a court with a civil suit for treble damages.

According to Asheville Yoga Center, the total expense during his lifetime as a client at AYC including the 300RYT program charges, attending classes at our studio, and lodging is $3,547.39 since his first visit on November 4, 2014, and that “Mr. Ray has not spent $10,000 with AYC as he has stated.” It is a 7 hour round trip for me to drive, and Asheville Yoga Center constitutes only a portion of my expenses. I used their lodging for only 2 nights at $90/night for 1 of the 11 modules. However, I stayed elsewhere for most of the modules at an approximate cost of $100/night for 18 of the 20 nights, had a per diem for meals of approximately $35 for 20 days ($5 breakfast, $10 lunch, $20 dinner), made 6 trips to Asheville with 238 miles one way that cost $1656 at the US IRS reimbursement rate of $0.58/mile, and bought both the required and optional books for $400 at an approximate cost of $40 per module for 10 modules.

  • Lodging $1,800 – approximate cost of $100/night for 18 of the 20 nights, 2 nights at $90/night for 1 of the 11 modules at Asheville Yoga Center
  • Meals $700 – per diem for meals of approximately $35 for 20 days ($5 breakfast, $10 lunch, $20 dinner)
  • Mileage $1,656 – $0.58/mile*238 miles one way*12 trips
  • Books $400 – required and optional books for $400 at an approximate cost of $40 per module for 10 modules
  • Asheville Yoga Center $3,547
  • $8,104 total expenses

Asheville Yoga Center owes me $8,104 for terminating me without cause with only 1 of 11 modules left to graduate with my RYT500 certification. If they do not wish to settle amicably for $8,104 total expenses, then I stand by my word to retain counsel, and enter into civil litigation for treble damages of $24,312.



From: Better Business Bureau
Sent: Friday, October 16, 2020 2:11 PM
To: Jim Ray
Subject: BBB Complaint Case# 577969 (Ref#20-554226-577969-7-1100)

Complaint ID#: 577969
Business Name: Asheville Yoga Ctr

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