Jesus Christ


In keeping with philosophy of discussing non-controversial topics, religion on this Easter Sunday came to mind. No judgment. I was raised in traditional Methodist faith and have no regrets. I am a follower of Jesus Christ and learned about unconditional love. More importantly, I learned from a peer that Jesus would hang around with lepers and whores as opposed to the country club. That Monte Christo sandwich at the country club is pretty killer, though. The big take home for me is being saved by forgiveness for my transgressions and freeing my soul to practice unconditional love which is my Heaven on Earth as opposed to carrying around baggage which is my Hell. I’m not waiting until I die.

Happy Easter to all those that celebrate it.

Enter yoga into the equation that predates Christianity many years. Imagine Jivanmukti. Imagine liberation while the body is still alive as Heaven on Earth. Imagine that all religions have the common goal of living life with love in your heart and only the man-made rituals separate us. We talk in tongues that are language barriers and further separate us one from another.

Here’s to all the teachers in our lives that help us bring it together on the mat so we may carry a little more love with us off the mat and into our lives as well as the lives of others. May we all live life with love in our hearts whatever name we may call our gods.

One love.



Jim Ray

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Symbol Meaning

After starting my yoga practice, I became intrigued with the chakras and the meaning of the symbols. For example, the 7th chakra uses the Om symbol as shown below (all credits for images go to respective sources).


Another image of the 7th chakra contains additional symbols that from my very limited research represent petals of the lotus flower and consonants in Sanskrit language.


There is a variation in the symbol regarding Element 4 in the following diagram that further explains the meaning of the symbols. The first image contains a diamond shape. The second image contains a circular shape.


Now, focus for a moment on the 4th chakra. Below are 3 images each of which contains a variation.




That third image of the 4th chakra looks the best to me. If I were to modify that image by replacing the circle with a diamond, would the meaning change? I found the following chart this morning on Sanskrit consonance.


The innermost symbol matches “ya” consonant and would then have a diamond instead of a circle on the image I create. What would be your interpretation of that resultant image?



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