Playlist for Free Yoga for Seniors Today

Bks Iyengar

In keeping with a philosophy of advanced planning, here is the play list for this afternoon’s free yoga that I just finished.


If you wish to join us, we meet most Saturdays when possible from 4 to 5 PM at my house and usually have between 2 and 5 others. Sign up using Meetup at the following link:

Yoga Free Gentle Geriatric Community Sharing of Practice

Cary, NC
31 yogi and yogini

4 PM Saturday in Cary. Bring mat, props, poses, and beverages. Enjoy an hour of inspiration.You are welcome to join me this Saturday from 4 PM until 5 PM for free gentle ger…

Next Meetup

Free Gentle Geriatric Community Sharing of Yoga Practice

Saturday, May 2, 2015, 4:00 PM
5 Attending

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For those that wish to look at the notes that I use for our yoga, then you may download them here:


That’s all for now. Time to go sweep the dirt under the carpet before guests arrive.




Jim Ray is President at Neuse Networks and holds EE degree from NCSU, has been in IEEE for 34 years (Senior Member, past Chair for Eastern NC Section, past Chair NCSU Student Branch), and lives in Cary, NC with his wife and two sons.

Contact Information:

Jim Ray, President
Neuse Networks
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Jim Ray

iPad App – Visible Body

I added iPad app bundle (see bottom row in the following image) on the advice of another yoga teacher that practices at the same studio (thank, Kurt). It is Visible Body. This particular bundle contains Atlas, Skeleton, and Muscle apps. There are 3D views with pan, tilt, zoom. It costs around $40. I’ve including some screen shots. It’s a great way to learn about anatomy and to supplement the Trail Guide.

iPad apps for Yoga

Screen Shot of the Visible Body Atlas app:

Visible Body Atlas app

Screen Shot of Visible Body Skeleton app:

Visible Body Skeleton app

Screen Shot of the Visible Body Muscle app:

Visible Body Muscle app

Detail View:

Visible Body Muscle app Detail View

Enjoy 🙂

iPad apps and Kindle books for Yoga

Here are apps for my iPad that I have found useful in my daily yoga practice and my teacher training. I’ll provide a brief description of each. My iPad apps are in a Group called Yoga as shown below.

iPad apps in Yoga group

All-in Yoga has a Pose Base with 300 poses, Sanskrit and English names, video of pose, audio and text instructions to get into pose, picture of muscles used in pose, complete programs, calendar to track time spent on yoga, and a Share Photo on Inspire function with links to Twitter and Facebook.

3D Yoga provides incredible three dimensional view of the muscles used in poses with call outs for cues on fine tuning the pose along with more detailed and enlarged views of specific muscles for each tuning step. The section on deep muscles provides collection of poses that work on each of the tree major muscle groups, iliopsoas, serratus anterior, and rhomboids.

MindBody Connect is an app I use most every day. It has the four studios where I go or plan to go. I can click on their calendars and book appointments for practice plus integrate with my calendar.

AnatomyMapp allows you to choose a region of body, touch the picture, and provide detailed views and descriptions of movements, bones, ligaments, muscle groups, and individual muscles. I was able to find out the specific name of acromioclavicular joint and ligament in my shoulder/arm that is a little bit sore now from not being mindful in my yoga practice.


Specific View of Shoulder with Name of Particular Ligament

Shoulder Ligaments

PalpationMapp allows you to choose a region of body, touch the picture, and view video of locating and using specific muscles along with overlays that help identify and learn proper names of those specific muscles.


Lastly, the Kindle app allows me to carry with me my library of ten books on yoga that are meaningful to me. Most of the books are on the required reading list for teacher training at Republic of Yoga with Nicole Nichols. There are a few other books that were recommended by some friends in the yoga community. I am in my golden years and really appreciate the ability to enlarge font even with my second or third generation bifocals. I can highlight sections of books, post snippets to FaceBook, and copy snippets to my own notes.

Kindle app for iPad