Jim Ray


For those that have taken it to the edge and just a little bit beyond, this song is for you. It is my #1 smash hit single, “Ibuprofen.” Apologies to Sir Paul McCartney.

No regrets for learning my first eka pada vasisthasana yesterday in one of Lila’s workshops. Check out her web site to find out her schedule, and you are in for a treat:




Jim Ray

Jim Ray, RYT 200

Jim has background in dance, music, martial arts, and yoga. He enjoys vinyasa yoga that synchronizes the breath, movement, and music as well as alignment-based yoga with more static poses. He completed RYT 200 yoga teacher training in Jivamukti yoga at Republic of Yoga, Cary, NC in 2015. “My goal is to bring yoga to others to help them the way my teachers have helped me.” Jim lives in Cary, NC with his wife and two sons.

Jim Ray

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