Moment of Inspiration and Gratitude for Yoga Practice

So, why do I spend time with yoga? Because it helps me change the way I think, feel, and move. I have been blessed with wonderful teachers that have helped me develop my practice to share with others the way my teachers have shared with me. It is a very selfish motive in one person’s eyes and a very selfless motive in another person’s eyes when one takes love and compassion off the mat and out into the world in everything we think, say, and do.

I had my moment of inspiration and gratitude for yoga practice this morning when I checked my email and saw a beautiful senior yogini make multiple additional reservations for my free community practice at my house on Saturday afternoons. It brings me great joy to share my practice with others and to see progress occur. My practice is decidedly slow and gentle. It is not for everyone. I am and will always be a student of yoga. Losing the use of my left leg without equipment for two years after skiing accident in 2010 helped me appreciate yoga because no one judged me for doing or for not doing any given pose. I learned to breathe, to purge my mind of all things that do not serve me, to smile brighter, and to love deeper.

If I am able to touch one other soul and to help that person also develop a practice, then one of my primary goals shall be met.



Jim Ray

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