Playlist for Yoga 6/13/2015

In keeping with a philosophy of advanced planning, here is the play list I just finished for my yoga practice in 15 minutes.

Play list - yoga 2015-06-13

I also will add this dharma talk:

Take a moment to arrive on your mat. I had opportunity to arrive in my space on top of sacred ground at Mount Mitchell for six hours seated meditation on granite. At that time, I had a profound moment about my yoga practice I wanted to share. To arrive on your mat means many things to many people. Now, arrive on your mat with the following thoughts. There is no judgment. No one cares about the car you drive or if you have a car at all. The size of your house makes no difference now. The color of your skin does not make you better or worse than anyone else. It does not matter what name you call God. Just arrive.

Breathe in as you count to four. Breathe out on same count. Notice how you feel. Enjoy several more breaths on same count.
Add hold for four count top and bottom of breath.
Set an intention for practice.
Jim Ray


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