Jim Ray

Reasons Not to Do Yoga

*** 6/18/2017 Sunday morning yoga has been cancelled. The Fortnight tap room will be closed. ***

Reasons not to do yoga are things we create in our own mind that are obstacles. I hurt my leg. I am too tight. I don’t have time. It is too expensive.

Let’s turn it around: Reasons *To* Do Yoga

It makes me happy. My body feels good afterward. Pretty simple stuff.

Join me most any given Sunday morning for yoga at Fortnight in Cary, and go within. Tap into your mind, body, and soul to successfully arrive by letting go of the past, not worrying about the future, and being in the present moment to acknowledge your own divine nature. All you have to do is to bring your own mat, and breathe. It’s a free community practice that is open to all levels. I lean toward the gentle side instead of torture like Chaturanga Dandasana until your arms fall off yet also throw in a little optional spice. We start at 10:30 AM every Sunday at Fortnight in Cary, NC unless there is a holiday, or I am out of town at my additional teacher training at Asheville Yoga Center several times each year. Here’s where I will post any schedule changes, and where you may go for additional details:

Sunday Morning Yoga

Arrive. Be here now.



Jim Ray RYT200 cell: 984-459-0458

Yoga is not about the fancy pose. It is about getting into your head, and your heart. It is about taking what you learn on the mat into your life off the mat. Jim completed RYT200 teacher training at Republic of Yoga in Cary, NC, and is currently enrolled in RYT300 teacher training at Asheville Yoga Center.