Sat Yam Dharma Talk

In the Laws of Manu from 1500 BC translated into English by G. Buhler, consider Chapter IV, verse 138:

Let him say what is true, let him say what is pleasing, let him utter no disagreeable truth, and let him utter no agreeable falsehood; that is the eternal law.

In Sanskrit, it says:

Satyam bruyat – priyam bruyat- na bruyat satyam apriyam – priyam cha nanrutam bruyat – esha dharmah sanatanah.

In Hindi, it says:

सत्यम ब्रूयात प्रियं ब्रूयात न ब्रूयात सत्यम अप्रियम

प्रियंच नानृतम ब्रूयात  एषा धर्मः सनातनः

Happy Businessman in the Nature

What does it mean to me? One of my teachers had used the mantra “sat yam” in her classes. defines satyam as truthfulness. She also said do everything with love. Therein lays the magic to embody truthfulness and to say what is pleasing by doing so with love. More specifically, consider love as the basis for the following three main points:

  • good thoughts for ourselves and for others
  • kind words for ourselves and for others
  • good intentions for ourselves and for others

Short seated meditation: inhale and silently say to yourself “sat,” exhale and say “yam.”

Asana sequence for initial practice prior to vinyasa flow:

  • Seated neck rolls
  • Forward fold with crawl to left and to right
  • Child’s pose – balasana
  • Cat/cow – bidalasana/bitilasana
  • Down dog – adho mukha svanasana

What is love? Is it a cold and broken hallelujah? Is it something we learn? Is it the trinity – the father, son, and holy ghost? The Bible says God is love in John 3:16. Jesus said love as I have loved. Hugh Hefner may have said the same thing. Love between partners certainly is another type of love. There is love between teacher and student, friends, family, pets. There is also loss, separation, sweet emotion, and dark emotion that drives one to check out.

Asana sequence for vinyasa flow:

  • Sun salutation – Surya namaskar A
  • Sun salutation – Surya namaskar B
  • Warrior I/II/III – virabhadrasana

Do you feel like checking out of the hotel? Take it in. Acknowledge it. Notice how you feel. Then, exhale, and purge thyself of all things that do not serve you. One may not change events destined to occur. One may change how you feel about those events.

Asana sequence for floor work:

  • Table
  • Thread the needle
  • Pigeon prep – kapotasana
  • Bridge pose – setu handha sarvangasana
  • Reclined spinal twist – supta parivartanasana
  • Shoulder stand
  • Plow
  • Final relaxation – savasana


  • Fetal position – with your eyes closed, slowly roll over to right side, and come back to your intention.
  • Comfortable seated position – keeping your eyes closed, slowly push up to comfortable seated position.

What are you going to take off the mat now for yourself and for others? How about a little bit of love? As you inhale, raise your arms up to the sky, reach up and find that love. On the exhale, lower your arms and twist to the left to send out that love to one side. On the inhale, reach up while coming back to center to find your love. On the exhale, lower your arms and twist to the right to send out that love to the other side.

  • Inhale your hands to heart center and bow your head. Be true. Be love. God bless all creation.

Hum Buzz Studios II

play list – sat yam dharma talk

The play list has three main sections:

  1. soft introduction to initiate dharma talk, set intention, stretch out, and evoke emotion
  2. flow songs for the top of the bell curve in the vinyasa flow sequencing diagram
  3. floor work songs for background music after flow while doing floor poses

It contains 21 songs and lasts about 90 minutes. Most of the selections come from the classic rock genre. Some of the selections are original compositions.


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