I have been medically advised not to do yoga. Wtf?

“I have been medically advised not to do yoga” said one of my very first yoga students that would come over to my house for free yoga for seniors on Saturday afternoons. She told me she quit in an email yesterday. Wtf?

It really hurt me. I always felt like she got it and could see the smile in her face. I call BS on the adviser. Here’s why.

One thing that one of my teachers told me helped more than anything else. Breathe. Bring pranayama into your daily home yoga practice. It is all about the mind and not so much the physical body. The meditation and introspection is key.

There are also restorative yoga classes that I personally love and that allow me to have practice even after I do something stupid and get hurt. I rarely go to any open level yoga class without substituting a child’s pose for any given pose and have never had anyone yell at me for doing so. I have been yelled at many times for doing stupid stuff above my pay grade. I don’t yell, though. I help others do stupid stuff, too, spot them so it is safe, and laugh when I fall.

I would like to go back to the person that gave the medical advice and get them to qualify their opinion like don’t do twists and back bends as opposed to don’t do yoga if you have something wrong with your back. Anyone that says don’t do yoga does not understand yoga.

I encourage folks to continue on the path even if the physical asana is not possible. The best thing I ever did is start yoga to train my mind after injury. We can’t prevent things from happening to us. We can change the way we feel about it.



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Playlist for Next Free Community Yoga Saturday 4-5 PM 3/7/2015

Peaceful Ocean Sunset

Here’s the tentative playlist for our next free gentle geriatric community yoga on Saturday, March 7, 2015 from 4-5 PM. Shamanic Dream will open practice with pranayama. Classic rock and pop for gentle vinyasa flow. “The End” by the Doors for shavasana.

Playlist yoga 2015-03-07

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Yoga and Music

Yoga is like music. At first, you learn to play. Next, you learn when not to play so the music breathes and flows instead of turning into noise. With yoga, one may learn asana at first. Next, one learns when not to push it too much so the vinyasa breathes and flows with each individual’s body instead of turning into pain.