Sit Down, and Shut Up.

Sometimes, I try to think of something meaningful for my yoga practice. Something for a little dharma talk. Just a little nugget that folks might hold onto, and take with them off the mat and into life. I couldn’t think of a thing this morning for tomorrow’s Sunday Morning Free Community Yoga at Fortnight. Zilch. I just wanted to sit down, and shut up.

Then, it came to me. Sit down, and shut up. That was it. Not in a mean or nasty way. Just do it. Those little voices inside our heads with constant chatter also known as the monkey mind need to sit down, and shut up. It is part of the process to arrive on your mat, and purge thyself of all things that do not serve you. You do it by focusing on breathing because everyone has the ability to breathe, or you would not be here. Focus on the breath, and the monkey mind sits down, and shuts up.

We may use the physical asana to help us become more receptive to the meditative state of bliss where the monkey mind cannot be heard. Advanced yoga is all about the mind, and not just the body bending into some pretzel. It is all about the mind controlling and elongating the breath that regulates the heart rate throughout the asana and seated meditation.

Come breathe. Set yourself free. Kiss the monkey mind bye bye, and arrive.

Join me most any given Sunday morning for yoga at Fortnight in Cary, and go within. Tap into your mind, body, and soul to successfully arrive by letting go of the past, not worrying about the future, and being in the present moment to acknowledge your own divine nature. All you have to do is to bring your own mat, and breathe. It’s a free community practice that is open to all levels. I lean toward the gentle side instead of torture like Chaturanga Dandasana until your arms fall off yet also throw in a little optional spice. We start at 10:30 AM every Sunday at Fortnight in Cary, NC unless there is a holiday, or I am out of town at my additional teacher training at Asheville Yoga Center several times each year. Here’s where I will post any schedule changes, and where you may go for additional details:

Sunday Morning Yoga

Arrive. Be here now.



Jim Ray RYT200 cell: 984-459-0458

Yoga is not about the fancy pose. It is about getting into your head, and your heart. It is about taking what you learn on the mat into your life off the mat. Jim completed RYT200 teacher training at Republic of Yoga in Cary, NC, and is currently enrolled in RYT300 teacher training at Asheville Yoga Center.

Jim Ray

om bolo shri sat guru bhagavan ki jai – Here’s to all the teachers.

Here’s to all the teachers including yours and mine. They come in many forms.

“When the student is ready, a teacher will appear.”

I can’t say whether Buddha made that statement or even spoke English yet found blog post on origin:

Written by Dr. Bob Butera – This Yogic saying holds a key universal truth about learning.

I can say that within this past year, my studies in yoga produced the most transformation within me than any other thing in life to date. Why? Because I found the right teachers including the one within each of us. Love and compassion for all. God bless all creation.

om bolo shri sat guru bhagavan ki jai

ॐ बोलो श्री सत गुरु भगवान की जै

To my teacher within, the only teacher of truth… Victory!

eka pada urdhva dhanurasana



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